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npower treats its customers to FREE electricity monitors this Halloween


npower is treating its customers this Halloween with a bewitching offer of a FREE home electricity monitor for any existing customer signing up for paperless billing.

What’s more, households with a home electricity monitor, which provide a ‘real time display’ of the amount of electricity being used at any given time, are proven to reduce their energy consumption by up to 15%[1] in their first year of use.

The limited offer will run in conjunction with its Revenge of the Killer Watts advert, starring Wallace & Gromit, which is back on screens today, Monday 18 October.

The ad sees Wallace create one of his classic inventions; a hilarious homemade widescreen telly made of 31 televisions taped together. It isn’t until he’s given a home electricity monitor from Gromit that he realises exactly how much energy he’s wasting.

Kevin Peake, marketing director at npower, said: “In the UK, we spend around £30 billion a year on heating, lighting and using appliances in our homes.[2] And astonishingly, over a quarter of our CO2 emissions come from the energy we use in our households.

“A home electricity monitor is an easy way to see how much electricity you’re using – as you use it – and what it costs. 176,000 npower customers have now received an electricity monitor and we’ve found that energy consumption drops by between five and 15 per cent in the first year of use.”

An electricity monitor is a useful way to track your home’s energy usage and helps to highlight which appliances are wasteful and inefficient. It’s also a great way to help educate the rest of the family on energy saving habits, helping to keep bills down.

In fact, the average household could save £300 just by being more energy efficient around the home.[3]

As well as a free electricity monitor, the other benefits of signing up to paperless billing with npower include:

  • An energy tracker – to record your electricity use over time, so you stay in control
  • Smart priority queue – for customers who want to hear first about the latest Smart Meter information
  • Meter read reminders – for customers who don’t like estimated bills
  • Paperless billing – a more convenient way to manage your account
  • Secure online payments
  • Remember me – your details are stored online making life easier every time you get in touch

Once ordered, electricity monitors will take up to six weeks to arrive. For more information, visit

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