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Mood lighting key ingredient for romance say love-struck Brits

New research from npower small business has revealed just how important lighting is for businesses such as pubs and restaurants looking to attract love-struck customers. Eighty-eight per cent of Brits said lighting in venues such as pubs or restaurants would affect how much they enjoy a date or romantic meal and 71 per cent said lighting is an important consideration when picking a venue for a date; rating above other factors such as price (66 per cent) and music (53 per cent).

Good lighting increases the chance of customers returning to a venue again and with a whopping 87 per cent stating they would pick a venue they have been to before for a date, establishments who get their lighting wrong may lose some customers forever.

Nearly a third of respondents (29 per cent) have walked out of a business such as a restaurant or bar because of bad lighting, where it was either too bright or too dim.

Rachel Vincent, Head of Customer Service for small business at npower said: “We can probably all think of an occasion that has been spoiled by a restaurant or bar not getting the ambience right and lighting is a crucial part of that. Our research shows how damaging bad lighting can be to the success of a business. For this reason, business owners need to think about more than just their menus or location. Ambience is vital to securing new customers and getting old ones to return. By simply altering the light output, adding candles or changing the bulbs, businesses can set the right tone as well as lower their energy bills and consumption – a win-win for all.”